School of Visual Arts Archive

The institutional SVA Archive was set up concurrently with the Milton Glaser Archive, so Beth and her colleague Zacahry Sachs are generally as busy as two archive/library staff can be. Which is, you know, pretty busy. They were also investigating new archival management systems such as CollectiveAccess  (I love that system), as well as preparing to move the physical collection, so I am pretty happy they took the time to meet with me. Full points and gold stars.

Getting into the physical archive was great. Beth had innovated, and made best use of a small and less than ideal space.
There is no formal climate control, but they have housed them uniquely.
Working with an awnings company, Beth helped create these canvas housings for the shelving units.

Rubber backed canvas and waterproof zips provide an environment within the room that is light and dust and waterproof.