Fales Library and Special Collections

A whole lotta Larry Rivers, shelved and trolleyed and ready for serious archiving.

Larry Rivers was classic downtown. A New York Expressionist, Godfather of Pop Art, NYU student and resident at the Chelsea Hotel during its zeitgeist in the 60s.
When I wooshed through, the team at Fales had been working through the Larry Rivers Collection for about 2 years. Papers, letters, fan mail and over 1700 elements of film, video and audio had kept them seriously engaged, pushing to get this extraordinary goldmine into working order.
Basic databasing and cataloguing, and sending off the AV components to be preserved and digitised was ongoing. Once all the items and media were properly preserved, there was still in depth description and cataloguing to do. Correspondance looked almost ready to view while the AV stuff was getting done.
I am sure they've made some Larry Rivers scholars very, very happy.