dOCUMENTA Archiv and Research Library: Media Archive

Here are some of the slides ready to be shipped off to their digitised future.
All artworks included in dOCUMENTA programs are photographed for posterity.
There is a slight race against time right now, as concern about ageing slides and fading colours mount. So goes the eternal search for the perfect preservation technique.

In the meantime, some copyright issues have of course raised their little heads.
This seems to be dealt with in an extremely well mannered way, with one off licensing fees paid through an agency. All participating artists and collectives now sign waivers to eliminate future issues.

Below are some slides that have already been digitised, safely mounted in a very awesome filing and viewing system. These files are jam packed with Very Important Artists who have shown in earlier dOCUMENTA. Seen here: Wassily Kandinsky.