Kunsthochschulbibliothek: Pop-up Artists' Books party

The next work is also by Hye Kyung Chung, completed as a graduate thesis.
It is titled Die Stollenanlage im Weinberg, Geschichte der Benutzung der Weinbergkeller 1823 - 2010,
or, The tunnel system in the vineyard, a history of use of the Weinberg Keller 1823 - 2010.

The tunnel/cellar that the book explores is just up the road, and pretty amazing looking- I had taken some snaps of it as I trundled through Kassel on my way to the interview.
It's history is in fact infinitely more exciting than its intriguing appearance.
Each page of this pop-up Artists' Book represents a specific application/use of this system of holes in the grounds of Kassel.

The "chapters" are layed out in this index represented by the stairs.

The vineyard is represented by the handcut grapes and vines

then a cellar for keeping beer cold (ice/snow, plans beneath)
The firestorm of the Kassel bombings was second only in history to Dresden

Then the cellar was a bunker to keep the residents safe.
Residents huddled in small chambers underground during the bombings

Everybody poops

The bunker was set up with communications systems.

Its next manifestation was a cellar for wine and mushrooms

It was empty, then the "dealers and criminals" moved on in
Then the technoparties.

Now it's a tourist destinations for viewing stalactites.

Wow! They are using the site this year for documenta13. I will go experience it in non-paper form.