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 Emily Jacir  ex libris (2010-2012) 

Installation with photographs take from cell phone. Commissioned and produced by dOCUMENTA(13)

Jacirs's contribution to dOCUMENTA13 : ex libris (2010-2012), addresses the looting, destruction and reinstitution of books...
Jacir has chosen the Zwehrentrum in which to exhibit her own monument to the approximately 30 000 books belonging to Palestinian homes, libraries and institutions that were looted by Israel in 1948; six thousand of these books are kept and catalogued in the Jewish National Library in West Jeruselum under A.P. (abandoned property).
Jacir photographed these books with her cell phone over the course of many visits. she also went though all the books in the library's Oriental Reading Room, searching for any that had been assimilated into the main library system external to the A.P. designation.