dOCUMENTA(13): Bibliophilia and Libricide

Libricide remembered in the work of Michael Rakowitz.

What Dust Will Rise? (2012)

"Special Pride" in the destruction of a Jewish Library in Poland

"For us it is a matter of special pride to destroy the Talmudic Library which has been known as the greatest in Poland...we threw out of the building the great Talmudic Library and carted it to market. There we set fire to the books. The fire lasted for twenty hours. The Jews of Lublin were assembled around and cried bitterly. The cries almost silenced us. Then we summoned a military band, and joyful shouts of the soldiers silenced the sounds of Jewish cries."
           - Frankfurter Zeitung, March 28 1941

Libricide and other less violent forms of "library loss" further explored in this UNESCO published treatise:
'Lost Memory -  Libraries And Archives Destroyed In The Twentieth Century'