Art Center College of Design: ACCD DVD

The ACCD DVD collection is hefty, weighing in with approximately 10,000 titles.
The library also provides acces to a number of film streaming services. These services seem to be much more common in American libraries that in those back in Oz. I'm sure we will get there.

Physical film resources have subject division displayed via coloured spines.
Feature films sport this hot pink.

These instructional Gnomen DVDs are extremely popular resources.ACCD also provides access to an online subscription service of short format software training vids via
Turns out Lynda (of the .com) is a graduate and former ACCD faculty member who developed the project/business with her illustrator husband (also an Art Centre graduate). is currently engaged with creativity on a more conceptual scale, with interviews and documentaries on creatives and their process, a series on colour theory, and other art, design and composition streams.

Workhorse videocassettes sporting white spines 

Other film subject categories include the documentary collection, films about art or artists, animation, history and science, music videos, advertising, television, experimental video art and guest lectures.

Read more about the James Lemont Fogg Library's film collections here.