Oscars: Adios

Linda's generosity in guiding me through the several floors and acres of stacks is a credit to her both professionally and physically. I was wiped out- but she did it all in heels without batting an eye.
This collection was truly distinctive. Enviably funded with collection and preservation imperatives embraced by it's governing body and industry, it stands as an unchallenged leader in holdings of primary material on its specialisation.
The articles and artifacts of this collection highlight a common blur/intersection explored on the ArtLibraryCrawl. Text as object, object as text. Resources with real weight and cultural heft.
The value in and challenges of the inherent physicality of this collection is true of many collections surrounding visual arts practice, and certainly make for interesting fodder on my mission of art library tourism.

I leave via the "Kirk Douglas Grand Stairway" supplied thoughtfully by Kirk and his lovely wife Anne, say farewell to Douglas Fairbanks, and am off, and away.