Oscars: periodicals

The 2400 periodical titles held by the library span the entire breadth of the business of show. Peer reviewed academic journals, trade mags and gossip rags all have their place in this repository.
The earliest publication date is 1906. The editors announce the import of their new field of writing and dissemination. From the Film Index: "We are starting today something that has never been [put forward] to the public before"
Because it was 1906 on the west coast of the United States, some of the first films made and reviewed are about the San Francisco earthquake.

The shelves are fit to burst with treats. Variety, Hollywood Reporter, production house mags. A complete run of Edisons Kinetogram (one of the most valuable holdings).

And The Lions Roar- the ultimate trade paper from the MGM studios in the 1940's. The Roar looks amazing- the covers and illustrations are sumptuous. One of the issues has a special artist featured- Vargus! A delicious treat! My favourite.

I particularly like this axe wielding shot of Patricia Dane under the title Pat Danes Impulses. Apparently, Ms Dane was "admired by fellow actors after she brusquely told off a MGM studio executive"(IMDB). I wonder if this appearance in MGMs rag came before or after she asserted herself. I guess afterward- she then changed her name to Pat, but only received bit roles for the rest of her career. I can't quite make out the text- if only I had taken a better shot (a lament I am sure to repeat). But just look at those pins/gams/legs! What a dame. Watch out for the axe, Pat.