UCLA Arts Library

The UCLA Arts Library supports the University's programs architecture, architectural history, art, art history, design, film, television, photography and theatre.

Architecture, Design, and Digital Services Librarian Janine Henri gave me a thorough and speedy tour of the many nooks, crannies and collections of the site. Janine is to be applauded for the breakneck pace we took on the flights of stairs, the lock and key, the gliding compactus and the inquiring students in our path...all which enabled me to get home in time to relieve the slightly inexperienced but equally valiant babysitter. More time would have not only been more leisurely, it would have possibly allowed me to take in the main campus library which is undergoing some apparently exciting renovations... Next time maybe.

My walkthrough illustrated the ingenuity of the people involved in managing this collection- space is tight at UCLA Art Library. While 40% of the collections 280 000 may be in storage, the sheer amount of resources successfully crammed into this space is quite awesome.

Janine explains they moved into the current site as a temporary relocation 7 years ago...in the meantime, they store off-site, fortunately just across campus. Any items requested will be available the next day, or if requested before 9am, that afternoon.

Human resources are also resourcefully managed. In addition to the incredible staff on board at the Arts Library, the UCLA library school provides vocationally trained student assistance at the circulation and reference desks.

Journals shelved by call number.
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