Storefront for Art and Architecture

While I play catchup on my backlog of LA libraries, I thought I'd post NY adventures in as close to real time as I can manage.
One of these has been the Storefront for Art and Architecture. I keep revisiting this space whenever I have the chance. The current exhibition, Painting Urbanism, Learning from Rio is quite fantastic. But the gallery is as much a draw.
Dedicated to the intersection of art, architecture and truly excellent design, their exhibition space is an incredible manifestation of their brief.

The physical Storefront is a collaboration between architect Steven Holl and artist Vito Acconci. Acconci seems to be everywhere I turn in this city. And I like it.

This small curated collection of texts has been built from recommended reading lists from a number of their contributors and advisors. Each was asked for a list of 10+ titles.

Their online archive looks great, and represents a fairly complete record of the organisations activities since it's inception in 1982. It looks like it is running on CollectiveAccess, which I am increasingly in love with.

Here is the Storefront's Archive of the Day, a link which appears on their home page- a random treat from their digital archive. I love the idea of an archival lucky-dip.