VRA/ARLIS Conference: Thursday

There are a couple of interesting events on Thursday I had been really looking forward to.

After a long morning wrestling children I show up in the lobby of hotel as instructed and lo! I had missed the shuttle bus to our offsite location. Nonetheless tickled by the news I would be leaving the hotel, I charged upstairs to change into sensible shoes and grab my coat, and headed out into sunny, snowy Minneapolis. Look at this place!

My destination is the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Here it is, under all that snow.

I'm booked in for the workshop Postcards from the Edge IV: Fashion and Textiles.

While I arrive late and take leave early to make it to another event back at the Hilton, it is still a rewarding session. I sneak out brimming with a fresh brainload of fashion and visual art resources, and some really great ideas on library-faculty collaboration.
The conference theme of collaboration proves to be a truly coherent thread through all sessions I'm to attend this week.

The next event is the Material Libraries Special Interest Group, presented by Mark Pompelia of the Rhode Island School of Design's Fleet Library.
Materials collections are super exciting to me as a lover of things. And in an era when the visual is increasingly digital and non-corporeal, materials are taking on a whole new importance in the field of art and design libraries. The makers of things are lovers of things too!